Patchset Uitlity to check installed patchsets and Family Packs

Hello Everyone!!!

Here you have a good tool to know. is quite a good tool to evaluate the currently installed Oracle Applications' patchsets and Family Packs.

Note 139684.1 provides in depth details about this utility.

Here is the simple example, when you need to use this tool.

1) You want to know what is the current AD level of your system.
2) whether your system is at ATG RUP4 or RUP5 or RUP6(yet to be released!!)

Note: Its advised to download the latest version of this tool from

If the ftp link is not working, try manual ftp as follows:
NOTE: Put the full path in for the get.

login as an anonymous user, and then:
get support/outgoing/PATCHSET_COMPARE_TOOL/

and finally this script works perfectly for 10.7, 11.0.x, 11.5.x, and 12.0.x !!!

Hope this helps you better in many ways!!


Ramprasad said...

Thanks suresh ....

Ankur Tyagi said...

Thank You Suresh for this piece of information. You are doing a great job for beginners like us.

Actually, the link you provided is not working.
I even tried the below link

But none of this is working. Please help


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Please create Oracle SR to get the utility. seems they have moved to sftp. review view browser -