R12 Ebiz and Application Server 10g

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Today I thought to write Application server 1og techstack changes happened in R12.
I have discussed architectural changes happened on R12 Earlier in
R12 Architecture

Application Server Releases and versions:

Application server versions may confuse bit but you can clarify by referring this

Oracle 9iAS:
  • Oracle 9iAS R1: -
  • Oracle 9iAS R2: -
Oracle 10g AS:
  • Oracle 10gAS R1: -
  • Oracle 10gAS R2: 10.1.2 -
  • Oracle 10gAS R3: -

In R12, 10.1.2 AS and 10.1.3 AS Homes are newly introduced in lieu of 8.0.6 and iAS( - 11i Architecture.

You may ask why do we have 10.1.2. AS and 10.1.3 AS?

Well, here is the answer.

10.1.2 AS installation will be supporting forms based applications.
It is Stanalone 10.1.2 forms/reports server installation. Other components are not included.

10.1.3 AS techstack will be used by java based applications.
10.1.3 AS instance brings latest OC4J code which is successor of 10.1.2 AS.
10.1.3 AS release doesn't contain forms/reports products. Hence to take advantage of latest oc4j code 10.1.3 AS got introduced. But to support ebiz forms applications 10.1.2 AS introduced.
You may remember that recently got certified with R12 Suite.

Stay Tuned for the next update on Ebiz suit R12.

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sunil said...


Where we can learn throughly applications server 10gias
can u refer some institute so tht i can learn hoping Ur rply soon.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...


You can get the latest 10gAS 10.1.3 product overview in metalink note 397022.1 and useful FAQ

They just give you general product overview. To get the product depth knowledge I would suggest you to attend AS training (5 days) from OU(if available near by your location). 10.1.3 is latest but I would not suggest to go for 10.1.3 training as 10.1.3 is not full version. it doesn't contain infra tier and it doesn't contain forms/reports products. version knowledge is ideal to start with.

Let me know if you need more info.

Java technology is at its best now. Learn basic java which will be helpful moving to fusion.

bipin said...

I would like to integrate R12 EBS (12.0.4) with Application server on RHEL4. Which is the supported version of AS to go for?

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Bipin,

Your question is answered in the first metalink note;

* Note 415007.1, Oracle Application Server with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12: Frequently Asked Questions
* Note 376811.1, Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 with Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Single Sign-On
* Note 373634.1, Using Discoverer 10.1.2 with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
* Note 380484.1, Using Oracle Portal 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
* Note 454811.1, Upgrading Oracle 10gAS Patch Set in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
* Note 380487.1, Oracle Application Server 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Troubleshooting
* Note 454178.1, Oracle Application Server Diagnostic Tools and Log Files in Applications Release 12

Balu said...


As you have explained that 10.1.2 Version supports forms but not 10.1.3 , This was the reason behind this to include 10.1.2 OH separately right.

But i don't really understand one thing , if you look into R12 Concepts documentation it says all the executables (i.e frmweb & formsapp.ear) are invoked from 10.1.3 home only , my question is why can't they include 10.1.2 in 10.1.3 itself , when they are already invoking executable indirectly from 10.1.3 ??

I am still not clear with the two oracle homes separately(10.1.2 & 10.1.3)



Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Balu,

10.1.3 doesn't contain forms server component. 10.1.3 AS doesn't contain forms server in it. yes, obviously it would have done with 10.1.2 techstack alone, but to make use of latest code 10.1.3 comes in along with 10.1.2. (10.1.3 alone can't suffice) the time it was released it was focused for fusion, but i believe web logic takes over AS.


S Saravanan said...


I am Saravanan, working as DBA in EDP department of the Indian Air Force (Military). When I was searching for solution to install and configure the Oracle 10g Application Server for providing forms/report services I came across your blog. My main doubt regarding the difference between Appl Server Release 2 and 3 got cleared.

You said that 10.1.2 AS installation will be supporting forms based applications and is a Standalone 10.1.2 forms/reports server installation.

My requirement is also same. But we have media and support for 10.1.3 (Release 3).

So, I request you to clarify my doubts.Is there any possibility to host forms and reports services in 10.1.3? If I download and install 10.1.2 from the oracle site will I get support from Oracle?

I am new to Oracle Application Server. I am looking for your help. I look forward for your kind help and assistance. I have a very limited scope of getting help. If you have a guidelines or notes regarding the installation / configuration of 10g Appl Release 2, pls send it to me.

Thanks in advance and regards

Jai Hind!

S Saravanan

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Saravanan,

Thanks for the mail.
As I per my understanding with your requirement, you need to have 10.1.2 AS installation.

Do you need SSO/OID integration? If so you have to install

1) 10.1.2 Infra installation first
2) 10.1.2 Midtier installation(BI forms option in runInstaller)

download from edelivery.oracle.com
do you have metalink access? that's the way to interact with oracle for support.(i think you will get support, check with oracle customer care)

I use the documentation set for any reference. documentation set contains install guide which is the starting point.