R12: Where is my Jinitiator??

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Today I thought write a bit on Jinitiator on R12.

In 11i, You might have seen jinitiator related files in $COMMON_TOP/util/jinitiator directory.

No more this directory exists in R12 when you install using Rapid Install. Oracle Jinitiator is no longer supported/certified with R12!!!. what is replacing Jinitiator? Its by JRE Plugin.

context file variable s_sun_plugin_type determines whether clients will be using jinitiator or Sun Java Native-plugin for launching forms applet.

in 11i, in context file you will see s_sun_plugin_type set to jinit


in R12 it is set to jdk


so, when you plan to upgrade 11i to R12, you will be making your system to work with Jun plugin. (Note 427357.1 - 11i with sun plugin)

R12 Rapid Install configures JRE with version 1.5.0_10. Since this version is having some focus issues you need to upgrade to 1.5.0_12 or to the latest one 1.5.0_13.

I will cover the upgrade of JRE sun plugin to 1.5.0_13 in Shared appltier system in my next post.!!

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very nice update

Anand said...

Very nice update about Jinit and JRE

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very useful info.Wating for your doc

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Hi Suresh,

Really useful stuff, but can I recommend that you always put paths in to files, i.e. the context file is this piece. I just makes it easier for people.

Anyway keeps up the good work.
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Suresh Lakshmanan said...


Thanks for the suggestion, Post has some of portion in XML tags which got truncated while posting. Hoping further posts will be clean as possible.


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Very useful information...keep up the good work.

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