Database Errors: Oerr Utlity

Hi Everyone!!

Here is the cool tool to get the information about the errors that you encounter in your day to day DBA activities.

oerr is the utility which provides error description and action you need to carryout for the particular error.

[oraprod@linxusa 9.2.0]$ oerr ora 29740

29740, 00000, "evicted by member %s, group incarnation %s"

// *Cause: This member was evicted from the group by another member of the

// cluster database for one of several reasons, which may

// include a communications error in the cluster, failure to issue

// a heartbeat to the control file, etc.

// *Action: Check the trace files of other active instances in the cluster

// group for indications of errors that caused a reconfiguration.

[oraprod@linxusa 9.2.0]$

That's the command I used to troubleshoot one of my RAC issue I have seen recently.

Utility is located at $ORACLE_HOME/bin.

From the output of the command You can identify the problem and the action you need to carry out.

Hope this helps you if you do not aware of this utility before.

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