Who is this? I Dunno...

Hi Everyone!!

Greetings..Its been quite long time since I blogged. I have been quite busy with stabilizing my 16 node mid-tier, 4 node RAC environment. It crashes frequently!!! I am bit relieved this week. No crashes!! :-) I have been getting so many mails from the readers of the blog, asking their issues and scenarios. I hope I have answered them promptly, if not immediately in a day or two. I appreciate your patience. I am happy to answer your questions. As usual drop your questions when you have one.

In this post, I just wanted to give general ideas for the beginners to deal with " I Dunno" situation.

Apps is so complex & dynamic

Oracle Ebiz suite is so complex and dynamic product due to the nature of its architecture.
It depends on Database product and Application Server product. Changes that happens in any of the product will affect Apps behavior. To add the complexity, too many new features and fixes are being made by apps developers day to day. How to deal with this dynamic product?

In developers perspective, coding is all about the making the efficient algorithm to reduce time(how much time it takes to run the code) and space(how much memory it takes) complexity.
In DBA perspective, Supporting the apps is all about reducing the time(reducing the time to figure out the issue and fix) and increasing the space(how much external orientation you have) complexity!! Expanding above statement, You need to resolve the issues in the acceptable SLA time limits. To meet the SLA, you need to have much external(space) orientation.

As a Beginner, Here are the Area's you need to concentrate to deal with "I Dunno" situation.

I) Metalink

First and foremost you needs to use metalink extensively!!. www.metalink.oracle.com should be the first link you should click when you come to office daily!!

Metalink vs Google
Though Google gives considerable amount of hits, when you support apps, I advise to use metalink rather Google. You will be getting good hits in google when you face db related issues.

Use advanced search wisely to narrow down the hits.

II) Oracle Support:

If you face difficulty handling the issues after searching metalink, say no hits or you think its a bug with oracle product, Oracle SR would be the ideal choice. Working effectively with Oracle support Note:166650.1

I have seen folks raising TAR/SR without full details/problem statements. It just delays the TAR resolution time. Convey the issues clearly to Oracle support to get the correct resolution. If you look at the others perspective, if the DBA who is having full access to the database is not able to understand what is the issue, how the remote oracle engineer who doesn't have access to your database can understand the problem? (without understanding the problem obviously no resolution is possible). Communicate clearly to Oracle support. Do not make assumption. Convey the issue as is.

III) Oracle Forums

Create your own Oracle forums account if you haven't yet one. Oracle forums is the best medium to communicate with the community to get help. Even I have seen scenario's where Oracle Directors look at the forum updates and they help with possible solution.
Get started with forums - http://forums.oracle.com/. There are apps geeks like Hsawwan, Fadi, Michael Taylor to help you always.

IV) Oracle Documentation set

Its superset of all information sources. If you read the entire documentation set, you will be having in depth knowledge. Here is the link to download the documentation set.

V) What is new in Ebiz?

Best place to look at new in ebiz is Oracle's ATG Sr.Director Steven's blog. If you haven't registered with Steven's blog yet, I would recommend to register immediately. http://blogs.oracle.com/schan/ is the URL.

VI) Blogs

Blogs are best to get information from the field DBA's experience. There are good blogs in this web to get more information on ebiz suite.
http://blogs.oracle.com/ gives you the good list of blogs.

VII) Oracle University

To gain the knowledge in short period of time, you can make use of Oracle university courses.
http://education.oracle.com/ is the URL to find current trainings in your locality.

VIII) Books

I have seen Oracle Ebiz 11i/R12 book from Joyjeet Banerjee, which is worth reading.
It covers both 11i and R12.

If you are newbie, I hope you will find this article useful.!! See you in next technical article.


Rina said...

Dear Suresh,

I like your blog very much. You are doing a great job for Apps DBAS...

I am very much interested to work as a Apps DBA professional...But I do not have experience for the same..

I did my BE(CS) in 2002 and after that I engaged in teaching line...
so I do not have also technical exp since 2002.

What will I do , How can apply for apps dba jobs.
For knowledge , I read the blogs and docs..

Kindly help me ...



Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Rina,

I am seeing that you are doing technical teaching. Good. In which technology you are doing the teaching?
Is it related to DBA? You have to join the project which deals with Apps DBA. Your computer degree will be
advantage. Try to get into one company and changing the teaching line to work line. To directly get into
apps dba jobs, you may go for some apps dba training and try for job.


Srikanth Lankapalli said...

hi suresh,

I am srikanth. I have seen the becomeappsdba.

the website is very informative and also reflects your interest and passion. I appreciate your work.

I completed my masters in US and joined as a perl developer . I am interested towards ERP, but unable to choose between SAP and Oracle.

I need your suggestion as to know which one would a correct choice considering the growth, market, pay scale.

please do reply.

Thank you,
Srikanth Lankapalli

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Srikanth,

I have worked with Oracle Apps for awhile now, I never worked in SAP, though I can't say really say whats there in SAP, I can say Market for Oracle ERP has been pretty good. It has done many strategic acquisitions. You can do apps dba course/training. And over the period you will have the scope for architect.

Hope this helps you.


Srikanth Lankapalli said...

hi suresh,

thanks for your reply..I have few questions

1. what should i know or learn to come into oracle apps.

2. i am a perl developer and i heard that perl is used in the oracle applications. is it really useful

3. among functional consultant, technical consultant or oracle apps dba...which one is a better choice.

please spare some time to answer these questions.

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Srikanth,

1) willingness to put time to learn and dedication
2) Perl is useful for DBA's to write automation scripts
3) apps dba has the scope always and each installation requires apps dba to maintain


Srikanth Lankapalli said...

thanks a lot... i appreciate your suggestions.

S Kumar said...

Hi Suresh,

Have a nice day ....

Frankly speaking I am a big fan of yours and your blog...

I came to know from your blog about the new book "Cracking the Oracle Apps DBA Interview".Thank you very much for this...

I need to let you know my problem, so that you may try to give your suggestions...

Currently I am jobless ,I was working as a Developer..I have knowledge in VB,SQL,PLSQL ,SOME DBA/APPS DBA (Strictly from you) knowledge....Few days ago I made my resume keeping some false experience in DBA & APPS DBA to fill the gap period and started applying. I got some interview calls and appeared some of the telephonic interview .My performance was very good in interviews.But I thought ,if am selected ,what will I do there , I have only theoretical knowledge...Now I am afraid of some Apps DBA tasks like apps installation on various linux flavours...Dataguard , RAC,PERFORMANCE TUNING. ETC...

If you know any place in hyderabad or any location where I will practice these topics...

I will definitely request you to some to give some advice and some tips to get a apps dba job...

Thank you suresh ,for reading my mail...


S Kumar

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Kumar,

Thanks for the comments. :)
I know the situation, i came from the similar situation. What I used to do is read the documentation
set. for eg.
download the doc set and read installation guide/patch guide/maintenance guide. they
give more details what you do in apps dba field. you can definitely crack the interview and with the help
of seniors you can excel. keep up your learning enthusiasm. have test database if you can. that will help you move forward.
you have a good career ahead.

good and best wishes.


Mohammed said...

Dear Suresh,

Indeed I liked your blog so much.
I was like an insatiable desperado looking for a job on Oracle appl'ns DBA but I didn't get a break despite the fact that I have cleared the interview rounds of Oracle,Wipro etc., the feedback from them was like you are an amateur or you have an experience from a small firm etc., and we are looking for some brand said by an IBMer...I felt very odd and out..I lost my money from a fake firm which promised for a placement and it didn't turn up...given me some crap exposure on apps which I already learnt from Wilshire,Hyderabad and 4BS Solutions.
At last after 3 years of struggle I got finally placed in a company in Dubai-Sharjah.
Even in Dubai it is very hard to get a job on Oracle apps or Core DBA as here the interviewers obligate some 4-5 years of exp as well as local UAE exp.
Now when I have leisure I just navigate your blog as well as Atul's blog...
Your blog is very informative...
Thanks bro.
I really meant what I said.
Keep up the same pace bro
Tonnes of thanks for helping the needful.
"As service to mankind is service to God".

May God bless you

And all the best for your future endeavours and innovative future.

Warmest Regards,

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Mohammed,

It gives me pleasure to see your comment. Its so encouraging and feels sensational. appreciate it. very few gives feedback. getting positive feedback is awesome!! you will have a wonderful career ahead.

Thank you so much.


sudhir.kamisetty said...


iam sudhir working as a apps dba.i need ur help when iam facing problems.plz help to me whenever i got problems.i hope u can do ..


Kavita Yadav said...

Hi ,
Suresh Sir i have duplicate daytabase using rman on same host later on when i connect to auxiliary instance (duplicate database) it is throwing an eror of ora12560 TNS: PROTOCOL ADAPTER ERROR
I restart the listmer ,reolad it but still it shows ora error of 12560 or else it is throwing an error of
ora12500 :tns listenrer failed to start a dedicated server process
Sir i tried to create the account on oracle metalin but it prmpts for unique identifier can u please help me with this ?

thank u very much for responsing my queries and sorry to trouble u in advance

Thanks &Regards

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Kavitha,

yes, you will not be able to crate account in metalink. it is paid portal. if you have service agreement with oracle you will get.
your NIIT should have the identifier and once you create it will go to approver for approval. metalink access would be good to have to learn new things.

for the errors mentioned, i think you may need to set environment variables.


Karthick Rajamani said...

Hi Suresh,
I am karthick from chennai.I have finished my engineering in computer science.After I got the job for junior oracle apps dba.I am working as a oracle apps dba from last 4 months.From the beginning I struggled a lot to understand architecture Now I know little bit about file systems and architecture.Still I am not familiar with front-end navigations .I have read your blogs.From their I found few things.I want to know the full details of basic architecture and file system .I am working in both oracle apps 11i and R12.Please send if you have any documents.and also I have sent a friend request ,please accept and help me.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Karthick,

Good way to start and keep up the learning is to read oracle's metalink notes, oracle doc set.
documents will keep go out of date, metalink notes will be rewritten based on the current version.

please go through http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/documentation/applications-089559.html