R12: Demantra Patches for EBS integration

Hi Everyone!!

Most frequently asked question from the readers of the blogs "what are the patches required to integrate demantra with EBS R12"

Earlier I have written series of articles to integrate Demantra with EBS R12.0.3

R12-Demantra Integration Overview
R12-Demantra Integration Part II
R12-Demantra Integration Part III
R12-Demantra Integration Part IV
R12-Demantra Integration Part V

Here is the information on the patches required integrate with R12.

If you are in R12.0.3

- Patch 6617634 - Oracle Demantra Release 7.2.0
- if Demantra is installed after this patch has been applied, please run msddemcrsyn.sql from $MSD_TOP/patch/115/sql
Please see README for 6606568 for all requirements.

If you are in 12.0.4 and up then

Integration patch contents are rolled up into 12.0.4, so if you are on 12.0.4 you only have to install Oracle Demantra 7.2.0 (Patch 6617634: Oracle Demantra Release 7.2.0) . No other patch is requiring for the integration.

Latest edelivery brings lates R12 code, in which case you would have to even apply any other patches. Already the code contains Demantra integration codes. :-)

More details can be found at metalink note: 727237.1

If you are stuck at Demantra integration with EBS, drop me a email at meet.lsuresh at gmail.com.

I will try my best to help you out.!!

Happy helping!!


Venkata Subba Reddy subbareddy from Mindtree said...

Hi Suresh,

Can you please tell me on which box we have to install Demantra integration
patch( 6617634 ) with R12.0.4?

I mean, whether, we have to install it on win2003 machine or R12.0.4 box.

Please give me details.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

HI Subbu,

this patch is basically a Demantra installer. You can only find this patch for windows OS.


Description Oracle Demantra Release 7.2.0
Product Oracle Demantra
Platform or Language Click for more information about this option
Last Updated 29-NOV-2007
Size 674M (707398222 bytes)
Support Level Click for more information about this option General Support
Classification Click for more information about this option General

Debdulal Banerjee said...
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Suresh Lakshmanan said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh,

I installed Vision EBS 12.1.1, and Demantra Demantra, Oracle AS and 11g client are on a saperate server. I also set MSD_DEM: Host URL and I am able to access demantra from EBS. However, when I log into demantra and click Plannin Applications->Business Modeler, I get this error: Unable to Connect to Servlet for Application Credentials!. MSD_DEM:Host URL is http://tstdemantra.mysite.com:8888/dmo. I changed the AppServerURL and server.generalur to http://tstdemantra.mysite.com:8888/dmo and now when I try clicking Planning Applications->Business Modler I get ORA-12541: TNS: no listener. What should I do to work? Any help is appreciated.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Ven,

>>do you have updated tnsnames.ora in 10g client to connect to your EBS database?

>> are you able to tnsping r12 ebs database? are you able to make sql connection from 10g client?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your contribution.
Can you please throw some light how to install R12 and Demantra on a single Windows 32 bit (XP)?
I already have R12.1.1.
When tried to install either Demantra 7.2 or 7.3, I get client version conflict with server version.

Thanks in advance.

- Mahesh

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Mahesh,

In that case, you do not require to have client installed. you can make use of server oracle home itself. I believe you are just playing around - learning. if you are trying for real business use, revise the architecture/systems.

good luck and best wishes.


Parthasarthy venkateshprabu said...

Hi Suresh,
It was really good to see the the Blog you have created for demantra implementation i need a help from you , we have deployed demantra in the server and iam accesing the same via links to colloborator ,workflow manager, Business modeller ,we have applied the patches for EBS integration , from the workflow manager when i start the EBS full download it is completing sucessfully , but when i start the EBS Upload Global Zone Forecast iam getting an error Fail_to_execute_step , could you please update me am i missing some thing which has caused this issue

Your inputs will be a great help

Thanks and Regards
P. Venkatesh Prabu
Sr ASCP Consultant

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Parthasarthy,

sorry for the delay. I had no access to internet.
Send the full error stack message. That will help to debug easier.


Sravan said...

Hi Suresh,

You are providing really nice information. Can you provide integration patch details between EBS 11.5.10 and Demantra 7.3. Your help is highly appreciated.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...


Check the note - What patches are required to integrate Demantra with EBS? [ID 727237.1]

If that's not helping you, you have to go to Oracle Support.


OracleAppsDBA said...

Hi Suresh,

Can I have multiple R12-EBS Instances Integrate with Single Installation of Demantra. If so how can i go about it.


OracleAppsDBA said...

Hi Suresh,

Can i have Single Installation of Demantra Integrated with Multiple EBS Instances. If so How can we integrate Multiple R12 EBS Installation with SINGLE Demantra Install.