Why R12 Upgrade?

Hi Everyone!!

Still Oracle Apps customers are in 11.5.10. Some are in 11.5.9 and below.
Here is the interesting information about oracle apps general availability and support end dates.
11.5.10 Premier support ends Nov 2009. Its the time to upgrade our system to R12.1

Will update this blog with R12 upgrade soon.


Puneet Sachar said...

Thanks Suresh for update...


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Just found a link (http://www.oracle.com/support/library/brochure/lifetime-support-applications.pdf) where there is a PDF to find the up to date information.


Arathy V C said...

Hi Suresh,
Executed these commands to unlock OID server.
[oracle@demo bin]$ export ORACLE_INSTANCE=/u01/app/oracle/middleware/asinst_1/OID/oid1
[oracle@demo bin]$ ./oidpasswd connect=oid unlock_su_acct=trueOID DB user password:
[gsdsiConnect] Error Creating OCI Environment :-1
ERROR * gsldpuUnlockSuAccount * ORA-0: ���� encountered
OID super user account unlocked successfully.

But still when I execute LDAPsearch command (/u01/app/oracle/database/product/11.2.0/demo/bin
) I'm getting the same issue

[oracle@demo bin]$ ldapsearch -p 3060 -h demo.oracle.com -b "dc=oracle,dc=com" -D cn=orcladmin -w ****** -s sub "objectclass=*"
SASL/DIGEST-MD5 authentication started
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
additional info: Password Policy Error :9001: cn=orcladmin : Your account is locked. Contact your OID administrator.

Please help me to resolve this.