Demantra 7.3 with E biz 12.1.1

Hi Everyone,

One of the reader of this blog Sandep Bafna had integrated Demantra 7.3 with Ebusiness suite R12.1.1 recently.

His integration techstacks are

11g database client
R12.1.1 Ebusiness suite
Demantra 7.3

He had posted his integration details in Oracle Fusion middleware blog

Thank you Sandeep for sharing the information.
Happy Sharing.


Venkata ramana said...

Hi Suresh,

This is Venkata ramana.I am working with KBACE technologies., Bangalore.
I need to install the Demantra in our environment.
Can you help me,If you have any standard documents,pdf's are there.please send it to my mail.
Venkata Ramana dyava
Consultant DBA

Deepika said...

Hi Suresh,

I am Deepika from India(pune), i have done BE(I.T) with first class distinction.May 2009 passout.
Recently i got placed in company, i am fresher dealing with oracle edge products. I am not able to understand Demantra.

Last week i tried installation Demantra 7.3 with 10g.Installation was success-full, but unfortunately Demantra instances in not running.Now i got order from Senior 's to integrate Demantra with i will scope with all these??

While searching for demantra documents, i land up in your blog,
Can you please guide me with all these?? with lots of hope i am writing this mail to you, hope you will understand my problem and help me out. :-)


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

--replied via mail --

Hi Deepika,

I am sorry for the delayed response.
Definitely I will help to my best. you will be able to complete successfully your assignments.
good luck and all the best for your career.


alin said...

Hi Suresh,
I am facing the same problems as Deepika and I suppose you keep in touch via E-mail, I was wondering if you can kindly share the information concerning the Demantra 7.3 instalation and the integration with JDE.
Thank you

Alin Marinescu said...

Hi Suresh,

I wrote a post on your blog but got no response I assume that you are busy, hope I’m not disturbing you.

As I said in the post I am trying to install Demantra 7.3 integrated with JDE 9.0 the same thing that Deepika was trying.

What I would like to ask you is that if you guided Deepika in her Installation I would be very grateful if you could share the information with me.

Demantra installation, and the steps needed to do the integration.

Thank you and

Hope to hear from you soon,


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Alin,

I didn't do any JDE integrations yet with demantra. I didn't get a chance, if you face any issues, i should help troubleshooting.
There are few metalink notes (note 702093.1)that I have seen would help doing the integrations.


Alin said...

Hi Suresh,

Thank you very much for your support.

I’ll announce you when if I have problems integrating.

I’ll keep in touch.


Ravi Kumar Saini said...

Hi Suresh,
i find your id on google. need your small help.
we are implementing oracle demantra 7.3 with R12.1 .
just need to confirm that should we need to install R12 ASCP in the same database in which demantra 7.3 to run the standard collections.
or we can install in diferenct database to run the standard colleciton. if we will install in diferent database will standard collection work or not?

please help

Ravi Kumar Saini

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Ravi,

I think both are different databases. R12 comes with its own ebiz database (that's why probably we call it as integration).


Francisco Martínez Oviedo said...

Hi Suresh,

Congrats for your excellent blog, it is wonderful.

You know, last year a customer implemented Demantra, now they want to integrate with Ebusiness Suite.

As per documentation (Note: 727237.1 “What patches are required to integrate Demantra with EBS?”), it is necessary to install patch 6617634.

For 12.0.4 and 12.0.6

Integration patch contents are rolled up into 12.0.4, so if you are on 12.0.4 you only have to install Oracle Demantra 7.2.0 (Patch 6617634: Oracle Demantra Release 7.2.0) . No other patch is requiring for the integration.

Patch 6617634 is practically a new Demantra’s installation.

What can I do if there is already a Demantra’s installation (

Any help or comment will be really appreciated.

Kind regards,

Francisco Martínez Oviedo

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Francisco,

This situation i haven't come across though, what i would think is
you do not have to install any patches in ebusiness suite side as you have the patch already. verify from ad_bugs table though.

I think you would need to do the part iii, iv, v

i have doubts in part II, i think you would need to still run Installer as one of the schema gets created in ebiz suite during the installer run. if i were in your situation i would try to raise one Oracle SR to clarified, this is unique situation. good luck with your integration.

Can you do me a favor, once you figure out the way to do, can you please let me know? i would create article out of it to make sure folks around the globe gets benefited. Appreciate it.
Thank you.


Francisco Martínez Oviedo said...

Can you do me a favor, once you figure out the way to do, can you please let me know? i would create article out of it to make sure folks around the globe gets benefited. Appreciate it.
Thank you.

Sure thing Suresh, I will be starting with this project tomorrow and I will keep you updated the way that I followed.

Another question, is APS instance the one where Demantra Installer is referenced to?, for example in my case, the instance that was created for Demantra’s installation (last year)?

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Francisco Martínez Oviedo

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Francisco,

Yes, to get more clarity you can read the note 434991.1.


Francisco Mtz. Oviedo said...

Hi Suresh,

Thank you for your information.

I will need to move "Demantra" schema from the current database to the
Ebusiness Suite database.

Some other interesting thing is that we will need to upgrade Demantra from to or to 7.3 to support 11g database version.

Kind regards,
Francisco Mtz. Oviedo

Jhansi Mukkamala said...

Hello Suresh,

While browsing thru the internet found links to your blog. The blog was very interesting and
most of all I was impressed by your willingness to help.

I am a novice Demantra implementer/learner and am very interested in installing Demantra 7.3
on my personal laptop and learn the product. Can you please advise the following.

1) Earlier we were able to buy Oracle E-biz 11.x from Oracle store for roughly $50. Is it
possible to do the same with Demantra product? I will be interested in getting R12 + Demantra 7.3
for my personal use. Is this possible?
2) What will be the laptop system requirements for installing the product? AppServer, Database server/client
and Demantra software?
3) Is there any place where I can get detailed installation instructions?

Pl could you advise.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

-- over mail --

Hi Jhansi,

you can get all the softwares for dev/testing from
i guess you would not require to pay for dev purposes.
demantra and R12 you can download from above site.
R12 is pretty hefty to run in laptop. it takes lot of memory and disk space.
200 gigs would be sufficient to have (lavish) for vision instance install (both staging included).

memory - bigger the better. i guess it would be very tight to run with 4gigs. (try it out - if you can get bigger the better).
2gigs would NOT be sufficient for sure. my blog has both demantra/ r12 installation posts. has install docs for R12.

check metalink for install docs. or check


Vijay said...

Hi Suresh,

how to check..the latest EBS-Demantra integration patch on the instance? i.e., How could we get the details regarding Demantra integration patch , which is latest pacth has been applied on the instance?

Is there any query?
kindly do the needfull.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...


Below links will help you.


Satya Mantha said...

Hi Suresh,

I saw your posts online (little old but still valid in our scenario). We are working on an implementation where we have Oracle Demantra 7.3 and we are trying to implement SSO with EBS (using Oracle Single Sign On and OID). Though we performed all the steps of registering etc.. we are getting the Demantra login page again. Could you please guide us if you have any documents regarding the same ?

Thanks so much and appreciate your help regarding this.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Satya,

Did you run run (for unix) for windows ssoreg.bat ?
That would generate mod_osso.conf which you would have to enable in EBS Apache.
Hope this helps you.


Beth Volbright said...

I am looking for help regarding Demantra User's passwords. We have version 7.3. I can't believe that Demantra does not have the forced password change ability. I am only the trainer, but am frustrated and I will get major management points if I can figure this out. I have a small IT background, so I do understand most of the IT lingo.

Question -
Can Demantra force the User to change their password when the initial (first time) login is performed? I want the Users to change from something generic to a password that follows the guidelines below?? I cannot locate anything and I have searched and searched. Why wouldn't Demantra have this?

If you have time....
I found this informatin searching the Internet. Demantra 7.2
Our system does not require this. WHY? What is being missed?

Improved password security:Auto-complete of password during login has been disabled
Password rules have been introduced:
Password length must be 8 to 12 characters
At least one character must be in UPPER CASE
At least one digit or special character must be usedP
Password should NOT be same as User name

Thank you!!

Arijit said...

Hi Suresh,

Found your contact from web posts. You are like Demantra doctor!!

I'm trrying to install Demantra on 11g. After giving DB connection information, I get Failed to establish administrator connection to the may indicate incorrect JDBC error. I can connect as SYSDBA with Sys with no problem, I'm using localhost in Host Machine.

any idea?


Suresh Lakshmanan said...


without logs/error messages it would be hard for me to get clear solution path.

try sys/@tns entry as sysdba
if that works you should be okay to proceed.


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