Sitescope: Monitoring system

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Today we will see monitoring tool that can be used for monitoring multi node oracle ebusiness suite, oracle Health sciences suite or any other application or server.
When the application becomes multi node HA environment, manual monitoring becomes impossible with meager resources.

With multiple monitoring systems available from different vendors in the market, Sitescope is used widely. Not to forget we have OEM from Oracle to monitor databases, applications, servers. Sitescope is similar one. Not Agent based. Agents will not be there on the target machine that you monitor.

Sitescope is a HP product. You can monitor Midtier processes, URL's, utilization of the server, response time of the midtiers and much more. You can set threshold for a specific characteristics, get alerted for any critical/warning conditions.

You can get more details from HP site.^849_4000_100__

Even though we have different products, I still see DBA's uses Scripting Unix/Perl to monitor specific tasks. Advantage of manual scripting is no vendor dependency, bug fixing is in DBA's control. More over the question arises who monitors the monitor itself!! I will cover more with the monitor in another article.


This article is not to persuade any of the readers to buy the product. This is informational article about the products that can be used to manage Ebusiness suite/health sciences applications or another applications/servers.


Aryan said...

Hello Suresh,

Awaiting for your next post on sitescope monitoring. Can you please elaborate on the possible monitors used for Oracle e-business suite/Database monitoring.

Thank you,

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Vijay,

I will do.


Kavitha Yadav said...

Suresh Sir hru ? Sir i hve installed oracle 10g on windows Sir
1) when i use database control iam not able to login as sys as sysdba then at cmd i granted select_Catalog_role to scott
then scott was able to login
2)when i started loggin in agin from EM i am getting issues not connecting to em but whe n iconnect from sqlplus or cmd it gets connected iam not able to connect from em

Kindly please help

Thanks & Regards

sai krishna said...

Hi Suresh,
Im working as an APPSDBA for an MNC company in Hyderabad ,AP,(INDIA).
I would like to thank you for your POSTs in

I need small favour from you. Can you please send me the useful commands for managing 11g RAC databases in ERP environment.
If possible also send me the useful commands for managing ASM instances.

Thanks & Regards

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Sai,

Thanks for the mail.
I will post any thing that I feel important for readers. I will compile that I have and post at the earliest.

Thank you

Sundar N said...

sitescope is able to monitor for database failover

whether sitescope can monitor MS SQL 2005 Analysis Services which uses olap/mdx data manipulation

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Thanks & Regards,

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

--over email --

Hi Sundar,

Yes, it can be used any type of monitoring.


Sundar N said...

sitescope can monitor MS SQL 2005 Analysis Services which uses olap/mdx data manipulation

can u refer some site for this?

Sundar N

Venugopal Marpu said...


I saw your post on sitescope. I have a sitescope license and I am a senior apps DBA. I appreciate if you send me configuration of Sitescope with ERP Document. Nice Blog. Thank you for helping appsdba community.

Thanks & Regards!
Venugopal Marpu

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Venugopal,

I used in my previous client. I do not have any config details with me.
would help you.

you need to decide what you want to monitor based on your environment, could be port , url etc.