Oracle TMS 4.6.1 Upgrade

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This article is on Oracle TMS (Treasures Management System) - a product part of Oracle Health Sciences.

I have upgraded Oracle TMS from 4.5.2 to 4.6.1

TMS 4.6.1 is compatible with OC 4.6. If you are upgrading Oracle Clinical to 4.6 from 4.5.x then you would require to upgrade TMS to 4.6.x. See the certification matrix in Health Sciences techstack metalink note - (Oracle Life Sciences Applications Supported Technology Stacks [ID 180430.1])

If you have TMS master slave configuration in 4.5.x you have to upgrade to 4.6.2 rather 4.6.1 as OC 4.6 doesn't support symmetric replication.

You would require SYS, SYSTEM, RXC, OPA, CTXSYS passwords for the upgrade.

Make sure PSUB batch job deamon is down before the upgrade.

Prereq for TMS 4.6.1 you need to have database at minimum.

I will post article on OC 4.6 upgrade next.
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Garcia Stone said...

Hi Suresh,

I work with TMS v4.6. The version of OID is I need to know how TMS can be changed to SSO and implemented with OID. Can you send me the exact steps on how this is done.

Thank you,

Garcia Stone
Senior Oracle Clinical Consultant

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Garcia,

I think its not certified combination. review techstack note - (Oracle Life Sciences Applications Supported Technology Stacks [ID 180430.1])
when we were looking for sso - if i remeber correctly they were asking us to try with OVD(oracle virtual directory).
We have stopped further researching anything as it was not certified.
You might create oracle service request. Hope i gave some information that might help you.


Garcia Stone said...

--over mail --

Hi Suresh,

Thank you so much for the information. I will inquire further into Oracle.

Garcia Stone
Senior Oracle Clinical Consultant

Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh,

We are using OC 4.5 , TMS 4.5 & Oracle database 9i on windows 2000 server. we would like to migrate in to new server on windows 2003 . And upgrade to oC 4.6 , TMS 4.6.1 & Oracle database 11g.
Could please help me how we can go for this.
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