Tracing/Debugging - Part I

Hi Everyone!!

Just realized it would be good to keep all types of tracing/debugging at one place.

While working on Exadata, came across a situation where my runInstaller was giving prereq check failures for all components as showing in the picture.

My environment has database with Grid infrastructure. I was trying to install Oracle Examples CD 11.2 as a part of Ebuiness suite migration (note 1367654.1)

Normal installation logs installActions2012-02-16_11-56-55AM.log (logs directory is under the directory located by inventory_loc in /etc/oraInst.loc)

I used the first statement to debug what is causing the issue

./runInstaller -debug -logLevel finest >inst1.out 2>inst2.out

You can use below as well to see what is going behind the scenes.

./runInstaller -logLevel detailed /-J-DTRACING.ENABLED=true -J-DTRACING.LEVEL=2/


./runInstaller -logLevel trace -debug /-J-DTRACING.ENABLED=true -J-DTRACING.LEVEL=2/

After running the runInstaller in debug mode, I was seeing inst1.out had below information.

[Thread-19] [ 2012-02-16 11:33:53.289 MST ] [] ERROR>/bin/cp: preserving permissions for `/tmp//CVU_11.': Operation not supported
[Thread-19] [ 2012-02-16 11:33:53.290 MST ] [] ERROR>/bin/cp: preserving ACL for `/tmp//CVU_11.': Operation not supported
[Worker 0] [ 2012-02-16 11:33:53.290 MST ] [RuntimeExec.runCommand:161] RunTimeExec: output>
[Worker 0] [ 2012-02-16 11:33:53.290 MST ] [RuntimeExec.runCommand:170] RunTimeExec: error>

I could figure that OUI is trying to copy the files from the software stage directory to /tmp and it is failing with ACL permissions, that triggered me that it is possibly due to NFS.

I have copied stage directory local to one of the Exadata DB node, i was able to cross that issue.

I hope, I will get time put together trace/debug for other utilities.

Hope some one will get benefited.

Ref Notes: 269837.1, 269837.1


Anonymous said...


Is it possible to dtrace the Apps rapidwiz command.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible Dtrace Apps Rapidwiz command.