R12 - Shared Appltier - Sun JRE upgrade

Hi Everyone!!

Today I will be covering R12 Sun JRE plugin Upgrade on Shared appltier file system .
Recently I have done that, in my 12.0.3 environment.

I have talked about Jinitiator in R12 is not certified/supported. You may review the post 'where is my Jinitiator in R12'

My configuration was 12.0.3 environment with JRE Plugin, After upgrade

Context variable s_sun_plugin_ver is set to 1.5.0_13
and context variable s_sun_plugin_type is set to jdk.

1) downloaded jre-1_5_0_13-windows-i586-p.exe to from http://java.sun.com/ to the directory $COMMON_TOP/webapps/oacore/util/jinitiator

2) cd $COMMON_TOP/webapps/oacore/util/jinitiator

3) mv jre-1_5_0_13-windows-i586-p.exe to j2se15013.exe

To be in 1.5.0_13 or 1.5.0_12 Sun JRE level interop patch 4377566 needs to be applied.

Since my environment is using JRE 1.5.0_12, patch got applied to my system already.

SQL> select bug_id from ad_bugs where bug_number='4377566';



So, I skipped this step.

5) Here is the interesting stuffs, I have shared appltier. All the three nodes are enabled with web-tier. So, I have run the script "txkSetPlugin.sh 15013" from all the nodes after shutting them down. Now my context file as well as $FORMS_WEB_CONFIG_FILE are updated with the new settings.

That's it, upgrade done and voila!! Test the upgrade by checking the version in console.

You can follow the metalink note 393931.1 for this upgrade.


farooq said...

Hi Suresh ,
You said you run txkSetPlugin.sh 15013 on all 3 node

you are having Shared_Appltop or Shared Application Tier files system .

Share_appltop is Appltop and Common_top on Shared resource ?

Shared Apllication Tier is
Appltop,Commontop and ora_home
on Shared resource ?

if u have Shared_appltop i think u need to run txkSetPlugin.sh 15013
only once from primary web server node

please clarify thanks

internet explorer 6 is not certified with Sun Jre plugin


farooq said...

Hi Suresh,

what is Shared_Appltop?

Appl_Top and Common_Top on Shared resource.

what is Shared Application Tier ?
Appl_Top,Common_Top,Ora_home on Shared Resource

If i am installing Sun jre txkSetPlugin.sh 15013 i think i need to run once on Primary Web server thats it .

please calrify me ..


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Farooq,

I remember I have run it on all the three web tier nodes as this scripts automatically runs autoconfig which instantiates the correct $FORMS_WEB_CONFIG_FILE. My configuration was shared appltier.

You are right, Shared appltier is common appltop,commontop,10.1.2 and 10.1.3 Oracle Homes in a shared resource.

Note 393931.1 contains the certification matix. I am seeing that IE6 is certified for JRE 1.5.0_10-erdist* and later

where 1.1.0_10 is having focus issues which is default of base R12 installation.

Hope this clarifies you.


Vinod Kumar said...

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for your response.I am having a small doubt related to R12 shared appltier.Could you please clarify me on this?

As per the Metalink notes and blogs in R12 shared appltier INST_TOPs will be there seperately in multiple nodes.In INST_TOP all configuration files,logfiles,xml,dbc,certificates files will be there.

If we want to apply apps patches means patching on one node is enough or we have to apply patch on every node?

Correct me if i am wrong. If patch brings any changes to APPL_TOP,COMMON_TOP,IAS,Developer Home related means its a shared appl_tier so one time patching is enough.If it brings parallely changes to INST_TOP related also means we have to apply on every node?

Then what is the advantage in R12 Share Appl Tier...

waiting for your reply.

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

yes Vinod. You are closer to the answer.
Inst_top gets generated during autoconfig run.
if patch brings autoconfig templates, you have to run autoconfig in each node that will update inst_top.

If patch brings any changes to APPL_TOP,COMMON_TOP,IAS,Developer Home related means its a shared appl_tier so one time patching is enough.


Sunil said...

Hi Suresh,

I am really enjoynig your posts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I have got a quick question with reference to your last answer.
Currently we have shared apps_tier nfs mounted in 11i. When we upgrade to R12, will we need to keep a local copy of INST_TOP? Is there any restrictions on using INST_TOP on NFS?


Sunil said...

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have got a quick question.

If we have shared apps tire completely NFS mounted in 11i, will we need to split INST_TOP on local disk if we upgrade to R12? Is there any restriction on keeping INST_TOP on NFS?


Suresh Lakshmanan said...


You would see the issue mentioned in ID 549089.1.