R12 single node single user Installation.

Hello All!!

Here is the interesting stuffs. I have talked about R12 in the earlier posts. Till now I haven't talked about the installation!!.

Purpose of this installation:

single node, single user R12 application system for demonstrating R12 rapid install.


1) Disk space requirement:


Space Required



DB Tier – Prod


DB Tier – Vision


2) OS user accounts - I used appmgr01(only one user)
3) OS Utilities like ar, gcc, g++, ld, ksh, make, X Display Server must exist in PATH.
To check the preinstall requirments, you can download the script mentioned in the note Note 402310.1 and can verify.

This is demonstration purpose only, please do your homework as per the requirement of your nature of business, and do the architecture accordingly.

Stage the R12 DVD's. for this run "perl /mnt/cdrom/Disk1/rapidwiz/adautostg.pl"

Details can be found at installation doc http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B40089_05/current/acrobat/120oaig.pdf


go to the stage area and run rapidwiz.

You have done the installation of R12 using RI now!!!
Guess how long it has taken to install??

... believe me!! it just took around 90 minutes in my system!!!... less than 100 minutes.!!

Beautiful UI is shown when you login to R12 application!!

Hope you have enjoyed this post!!


Narayanan said...


I am a functional trainer in Oracle Applications.

I would like to get the staged DVDs for installing R12.

I will be happy if you can give me the details.



Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Narayanan,

You can download from edelivery.oracle.com site for testing purposes.
Please review the licensing terms when you download.


Haider Naqvi said...

Designation: Senior Manager-Oracle Apps SCM with Demantra

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Haider Naqvi

Haider Naqvi said...

Designation: Project Manager-Oracle Apps SCM

Role: Project Manager

Job Description

10-15 years of experience

• Strong functional experience (around 6-8 years) in Oracle Apps-SCM (Supply Chain Management)
• Ability to lead and manage multiple projects
• Experience in Planning, Estimating, Budgeting, Leading, stabilizing large strategic/complex projects
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Haider Naqvi

Sundaravel. R said...

Hi Suresh,

How are you?

I need one help.I have a task to install R12 on windows 2003.But i dont know how to do it.

Any way i searched in google, i got some document.But i'm not able to understand it.

Can you please send me a document to install R12 on windows 2003 server.

Thanks and Regards

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Sundaravel,

Please use the installation guide.
there are release notes as well in the metalink. you have to review them before starting.
you may review the note 452120.1.


Sundaravel. R said...

Thanks Suresh,

I installed succefully R12 on windows 2003 R2.


Suresh Lakshmanan said...

That's great to hear Sundaravel!!


Tauseef Ali said...

HI Suresh

I am a regular follower of your blog I need some help from your side on PCP
I have configured a shared appl top in linux 5.3 (OEL)
we have configured a DNS load balancer that is working decently
I would like to configure PCP on this can you help me in this.

I have followed this doc id for the configuration 388577.1

I will list out the things I have done and the issue that I am facing

In the system administrator resp --> install --> nodes
the name of both the nodes are mentioned.

In all the concurrent managers except for the ICM secondary node has been specified.

But the issue is once i shut the secondary node the CMC shutdowns completely the primary doesnt take over.
and If the secondary is running the primary is shutdown the managers goes down but comes up in some time with the secondary node.

Can give some idea on this

Thanks & Regards

Tauseef Ali

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Tauseef,

Sorry for the late reply. good to hear you are reader of my blog. happy to see your mail.
Let me know if there is way to share your screen. That will be easy for me to troubleshoot your issue.

Did you run autoconfig after making changes to context files. I hope you have run autoconfig.
is internal monitor running all the nodes? shutting down you meant to say you have brought down using ./adcmctl.sh or you have crashed the node intentionally?

you have mentioned that concurrent managers comes up in secondary node but not vice versa. have you defined transaction managers in all the nodes?

let me know if there is a way to share screen to figure out the cause. Thanks.


Tauseef Ali said...

Hi Suresh

Thank you for taking time out.
You dont need to be sorry as its not ur job to help me its out of courtesy that you are doing so.
I did run autoconfig on both the application tiers.
If I crash the server the concurrent manager of other node takes over after some time.
If I stop the services then it doesn't.
Internal monitor is running on both nodes
I have not defined any transaction mangers (Is it a compulsion and If so how to go by that)

man as far as the screen sharing is concerned u are really kind to take time out but the issue is that we have done this on a test network and that doesn't have an internet access so I guess that will be difficult.

If u FEEL like give me your phone number with complete ISD codes and the suitable time I will call you and I can clear my doubts

thanks once again for taking time out and helping me.

Thanks & Regards

Tauseef Ali

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Tauseef,

Have you figured out the issue?

Here are my thoughts.

you have

x cocurrent manager - primary A - secondary B
y concurrent manager - primary A - secondary B

Now. when you crash node A, managers resume in B, (obvious secondary is B).
when you crash node B, managers don't come up in A (obvious nothing defined secondary as A)

define managers and set secondary as A you will see them coming up. good luck with your try.

If it works out let me know.

with best wishes

Prakash KS said...


When I installed VMWare and Linux I didn’t know much about Host, domain name and User creation for DB and Tech_st (Oracle, applmgr…). Can you please tell me

a)is it mandatory to have certain username or anything will do.

b)Also any user other than root won’t have write access to /u01 or /d01 how to give permissions for these directories.

c)can I rename my localhost/localdomain or set any alias, if yes how.

d)how to make sure HTTP service is available in VMware linux Machine.

e)how to make sure all ports in port pool are available and open ( I am bit unsure what I am asking here).

If you are Busy, Let me know any document which has these info and other linux/unix basics.

Also I was not allowed to install VIS Demo on 213gb and I had to try fresh PROD express install with my username “Prakash” and ended up with no success. First setback was filesystem error (perhaps something to do with user name and permissions) and second one is post installation check HTTP not available causing many error (JSP, Login… except environment file and configuration upload).

All linux packages are available and uptodate.

I am trying R12.1.1 on RHEL 5U3


Prakash KS

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Prakash,

Thank you fo the mail.

I understand you lack unix knowledge. Strong UNIX will help you to resolve all your issues.you will have good career with unix knowledge.

a) you need to hvae two users/or one 'ie. oracle and applmgr'
b) as a root user grant permission to others whoever you need by using 'chmod' and 'chown' - google if you need more on these
c) you can change the hostname and domain name - by setting kernal parameters
kernel.domainname= y in /etc/sysctl.conf

and modify /etc/hosts

d) once you install r12 it gives you oralce http server
e)you are pretty close. you will have successful install.
please check the prereq rpm packages for oel 3 u3. due to that you will get that http error after installation

good luck and best wishes for your installation to the success.

Linux Basics for DBA's:



Prakash said...

Thanks Suresh,
I decided to follow people on forums. I downgraded to what most of them used.
VMWare Server 2 as supposed to Workstation 6.5
Oracle Enterprice linux 4 U8 as supposed to RHEL5 U3
You are right i don't know much about linux. I was running out of time, so I had to start installation ASAP. Yester day i crashed mu linux by typing "chmod -R 777 / " in roots login otherwise i could have given access to you via SSH/putty (kspapps.dyndns.org port=24) to guest and (tightvnc viewer port=5900) Host Machine.

I will be installing VMWare and Linux today, Pre-install check tomorrow and start installation friday night.

few Qns:
1.At what stage i will be prompted for "oracle" and "applmgr"
2.should they have "bin/bash" or "bin/ksh" shell

giltin, mdtaylor, hsawwan, hussein.... are really helping on forums.

Thanks again,

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

Hi Prakash,

If you are stuck, below link will guide you.


few Qns:
1.At what stage i will be prompted for "oracle" and "applmgr"
follow the installation link

once you have installed linux create the oracle and applmgr accounts.

2.should they have "bin/bash" or "bin/ksh" shell
either is fine.

Good luck.


Prakash said...

I Succesfully installed R12.1.1 on OEL4U8.
I want to Thank you all for your Support.

Suresh Lakshmanan said...

that's great news :) congrats. :)