R12 Single Node Single User Installation - In depth Discussion

In my last post I have discussed about the installation of Oracle Ebiz R12 in single node, single user mode. You may like to review Sigle node instllation post

In this post I discuss what happens internally. This is the command I have fired to install the application.

-bash-2.05b$ ./rapidwiz

Rapid Install Wizard is validating your file system......
4 dvd labels found
Rapid Install Wizard will now launch the Java Interface.....

-bash-2.05b$ Configuration file written to: /slot01/appmgr/R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/appsutil/conf_r12test.txt
Configuration file written to: /slot01/appmgr/R12/apps/apps_st/appl/admin/ap6155rt/conf_r12test.txt
Configuration file written to: /slot01/appmgr/R12/inst/apps/r12test_ap6155rt/conf_r12test.txt
Database logfile - /slot01/appmgr/R12/db/tech_st/10.2.0/appsutil/log/r12test_ap6155rt/01050832.log
Appltop logfile - /slot01/appmgr/R12/inst/apps/r12test_ap6155rt/logs/01050832.log


In the session, I have been given two logs.

1) DB log file
2) Application Side Log file

If you read the DB log file and application log file you will come to know installation uses Rapid Cloning method. Hence the installation takes less than 100 minutes. Its really Rapid Install...!!!

25 Steps that Happens during rapidwiz

1) It prompts you the details of the installation
2) It dumps all the values you have fed in log files for reference
3) Instantiates context template files
4) It builds the DB side context xml
5) It checks the ports availability
6) It performs OS User and Group Checks
7) It does Port Uniqueness Check
8) File System Check - whether file system is writable
9) File Space check
10) Host Domain check - It uses ping utility to check the reachability of the host
11) It copies DB techstack and configures (oracle.apps.ad.clone.ApplyDBTechStack)
12) It installs the DB either vision or prod depending on the selection and does apply portion of DB(oracle.apps.ad.clone.ApplyDatabase)
13) Performs character set conversion. In our case I have selected UTF8, default was ASCII7
14) Bounces DB
15) Runs DB side Autoconfig
16) Brings up the DB listener ( End of DB portion of install)
17) Mid-Tier iAS stack installation(adrunias.sh)
18) registration(oracle.apps.ad.clone.ApplyAppsTechStack -phase reg),configuration(-phase cfg) of Mid Tier
19) Installing Appltop
20) copying appltop context file
21) registering appltop( oracle.apps.ad.clone.ApplyApplTop - -phase reg)
22) Autoconfig Mid-Tier node
23) starts the MT services
24) Test of installation ( DBC File, env file tests, HTTP test, Help page test, Virtual Directory test), JSP ping test, Login page test
25) Summarizes the installation in screen

Review the installation logs for errors!!
You are expected here to do through manual testing!!!

Happy Reading!!

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