Oracle Clinical Batch Execution - A quick view

Hi All,

Oracle Clinical has PSUB (Parameterized Submission) module which is the method to execute the batch jobs - similar to Concurrent Managers in Oracle E-Business Suite. Any Batch Validation jobs are run by PSUB.

Module code is pretty old runs with 3GL - No active enhancement has been made for years. It used OS authentication for executing the jobs. It uses UNIX 'at' job mechanisms to run the job. It is not so flexible for administrator to control the submitted jobs.

To check batch job daemon is running or not use the command

$ ps -ef|grep verbose

rxcprod 88897 1 0 May 20 ? 0:00 rxcpsdps verbose clindb 45


Where 'clindb' is oracle clinical database name and 45 is code tree name. runs as the unix user rxcprod. Once User submits the job, daemon creates the sub process which will rsh or ssh to the user account and runs the jobs on behalf of user and produces log and out files. sub process connects to the Database and runs the validation plsql's.

All the jobs submitted are tracked in RXC.BATCH_JOBS table.

Unix rxcprod should have rsh privilege to all the Oracle Clinical users. This is worst design of the application - to have a service account accessing individual accounts. Oracle Clinical DBA has access to all user's Unix home directories. :-(

I will talk about 'at' queue and rsh configuration for Oracle Clinical in next Article.

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