Oracle Clinical - PSUB part II

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In the last article I have given quick view about PSUB daemon. Part I URL for review

Let us look at the UNIX configurations required for PSUB.

RSH Configuration

My Unix DB server name is clinprd and Oracle Clinical Database name is clindb

clinprd - clindb$ cat /etc/hosts.equiv
oclinprd rxcprod rxcprod
clinprd - clindb$

This will allow rxcprod to rsh to other users' account with any password. Pretty dangerous security opening though :-)

You can do SSH configuration for PSUB as well.

AT job Queue

PSUB works based on 'at' unix job queue. You would need to define the job queue/size.

To allow rxcprod to run 'at' jobs carry out the below configuration

clinprd - clindb $ cat at.allow
clinprd - clindb $

clinprd - clindb $ cat queuedefs
clinprd - clindb $

Above example shows Configuratoin file defines 5 job queues which can be used by Oracle clinical. Granular detail of queuedefs can be found at

Configure Oracle Clinical to use the queue defined at OS level. (I have used Solaris as the example).

You can map the Oracle Clinical batch job queue to Unix 'AT' job queue by modifying opa_settings file

$ cat opa_settings|grep -i queue

Above example shows BATCH and SAS BATCH queues are mapped to unix queue 'a' and IMMEDIATE and Batch Validate(BV) queues are mapped to UNIX queue 'f'.

When ever 'at' jobs fail they send the mail to unix account rxcprod. To capture the errors redirect the .forward to a file which will be helpful for troubleshooting.

In ~rxcprod (home directory of rxcprod) place the forward file with the location of the logfile.

$ cat .forward

I will cover more on PSUB issues/troubleshooting in next article.

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